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Manufacturing is one of the most challenging industries in the world, so imagine if you could increase your revenue by double digit percentages and cut your downtime to near zero, while utilizing the same factory floor space. Think of the benefits you can achieve by speeding up production, enhancing your operating flexibility, lowering scrap and reducing your manpower needs.
Versa Handling will work closely with you in developing automation solutions focused on your specific manufacturing needs. We can help you squeeze the most out of your current production machinery, your facilities and manpower to provide innovative, cost effective solutions for production and material movement, storage, assembly, packaging and final cartoning.
We can provide both simplified and high technology automation systems and material handling solutions to companies looking to gain an edge in their industry. We maintain the engineering capabilities and the latest software to develop solutions based on our customer needs. We then provide those solutions by integrating hardware from the worlds leading automation houses or will custom manufacture our own products.

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